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The guide to experimentation, experience, and enjoyment.

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One action per week, every week.

That is an awful lot. Especially if you incorporate each one into your daily routine. Thankfully, I have little desire to make you suffer through overload. There are a lot of places in our society today, that do that better than I ever could.

In fact, if you incorporate everything that is “trendy” today, then you will do “exercises” all day long and literally nothing else. Yoga in the morning, meditation in the afternoon, some oxygenated breathing during a break, and don’t forget to spend some time floating in a sensory deprivation chamber while listening to Joe Rogan - that’s the modern “life” of an ambitious individual. When do they get anything done?

Worst of all, you will be stressing about doing it all “well”, while chasing the elusive feeling of being “Good Enough”. Hate to break it to you, but you are already good enough, and you do not need to do any exercises to feel that.

🕹️ Experiment, Experience, Enjoyment

Instead, I propose to experiment with, experience, and to enjoy life.

So, treat this newsletter as a way to go into the unknown and to try something different, exciting, and new every single week. Some of the actions will make you uncomfortable (and that’s good), others will make you excited - but most of all - this should be something you do because it is fun and enjoyable.

This is a way to experience your life from new vantage points. If you happen to learn something in the process and achieve greater results at work or in your personal life - great. If not, at least we had fun together.

Let go of the end-result, and you might just get it.

📜 A Gallery, Not A Commandment

It is of importance to realize that the weekly actions are more of a gallery to choose from. Try it out for a week and see if it works for you.

If it does - consider sticking to it, modifying it, adapting it to your needs, and boasting about it to all your friends.

If it doesn’t, then throw it away and blame me for wasting your time. Alternatively, be grateful for having had a new experience and for learning a little bit more about what does not work for you, as it will help you discover - what does.

That said, each week the completion deadline is on Monday at 09:00 AM.

🧠 Look For Wisdom

Finally, I would like to encourage you to look for wisdom - as opposed to knowledge. What is the difference, might you ask? Without having to write a book - knowledge lies in facts that can be transferred from or taught by others. That is when you take information from a source and store it in that lovely brain of yours for later use. That is the torture you went through in school - the stuffing of knowledge in the hopes you would remember it well enough for the exam.

Wisdom, on the other hand, is something you create internally - all for yourself. It is t that “aha!” moment when you realized how some part of the world works. It is when you add something to an idea you have read about, or better yet - come up with a brand new idea, thought, or theory.

So, when you read the newsletter, and when you do the actions - please look for wisdom and if you find it - share it. My goal is to simply stimulate the process.

🙏Thank You For Your Trust!

I thank you for your trust and I hope you enjoy our shared journey, and that we both learn from one another and from the experience.


Dmitri Sarle

P.S. My promises:

  • All actions that I propose, I have either done myself or am going to do them together with you.

  • My goal is to deliver value. If you will not read the newspaper, that means that for you - the value is not enough. If you don’t open the newsletter for more than 10 weeks in a row, I will do unsubscribe you, so as to save your inbox space :)

  • This newsletter is not a one-way street, so I promise to stay active and engage you in additional conversations.

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