Have A Meeting With Yourself

Sometimes, the fastest way to get somewhere is to take a break.

Unfortunately, that is often frowned upon in our society. In the #action newsletter on the topic, I talked about the importance of finding uninterrupted #me time. Here is how one could go about it, and a few ideas for your first “solo dates”:

  1. Block out a time-slot in your calendar. My personal favorite is one-and-a-half hours.

  2. Make sure you will not be disturbed: Tell your friends and family, throw away your phone (okay, you can also just hide it and turn off all sounds, vibrations, and lasers).

  3. Do not get distracted by doing activities that take away your presence of mind. The goal is to be fully present for the whole duration.

For the first few times, I would recommend being “as boring as possible”. Ideally, just sit there and do nothing, don’t even meditate. Do absolutely nothing.

You could then progress towards other types of activities that you could do on your “date” with yourself:

  • Meditate, but have fun with your thoughts, enjoy them, talk to yourself, play with them, and get to know yourself.

  • Journal. Take out a pen and paper, and start making notes. These can be creative and artistic notes, or you could start writing your life goals for example. Anything goes.

  • Talk to yourself. Outloud. Trust me, it is not the first sign of madness - quite on the contrary.

  • Practice the technique of rubber-ducking. Technically, this may feel like cheating, as the idea is to pick an object, such as <SURPRIZE> - a rubber duck, and to speak to it. You can explain your problems, or share your dreams. However, you really are just talking to yourself, while removing the social constraints of doing so. Try it, it is fun.

  • Go on a date. If you have tried this many times - then start doing more fun activities, such as going on dates with yourself. Go to the cinema - alone, or to play bowling. Give yourself some #metime.

For me, most of my breakthroughs happened during those meetings, or shortly after. Let me know how it goes.