What Is This Newsletter About?

"It's not because others can't change that they don't, but because they are all too busy changing others, instead of themselves." 

Going deep within, to understand how one functions is perhaps one of the most fascinating things that a human can do. However, exploration on its own yields little to no merit.

That is to say, meditating in a secluded monastery is great, but without action in the real world - it is all too easy to do.

Using examples from entrepreneurship, chess, martial arts, psychology, philosophy, my goal is to provide every reader with a weekly action-plan towards bettering themselves. Consider it a quick battle against that nagging feeling of not being good enough, or not having achieved that, which you truly desire.

Each newsletter will consist of a suggested action, the underlying philosophy, and at times - additional reading and information. Most of all, I would like to grow this together with all my readers, so all feedback will be very welcome, turning it into a small community of like-minded individuals to boot.

The first newsletter is set to launch on January 4th 2021.

Early subscribers will always stay in my heart, and who knows - if this ever gets bigger than the three people currently subscribed (those being - my best friend, my wife, and my own second account), they might even get extra perks.

In the meantime, tell your friends!