Action #0027 - Talking To Your Future Self

When you learned to teleport into the future.

With a little bit of imagination - there are no limits. This week, we will be using a time machine to communicate with our future selves. Strap into your DeLoreans, and punch that pedal to the metal!

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The Action

Send your future self an e-mail outlining your promises, life changes & goals for the next six months.

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The Why

Who is the figure in your life that you look up to the most? The one that you certainly do not want to disappoint? For some it will be their parents, others will turn to successful entrepreneurs and someone will pick an imaginary friend named Cthulhu.

Yet, if you really dig deep into the question, you will realize that the person it actually should be is, well, you. That is the person that deserves all of your love, care, and tenderness. You are the person you should do your best not to lie to or let down.

So how about we make a few promises to our future selves and see if we can keep them?

The How - Full Version

Go to (Or any other site that provides a similar service), and write your future self a letter that contains:

  • At least three promises that you intend to keep.

  • At least one meaningful change that you are planning to implement.

  • At least one goal you want to accomplish.

  • Commit, in writing, to doing your best to achieving these changes.

  • Any other information you would like your future self to read, remember, reconnect with.

Set the date of delivery to be six months from now. That will be January 7th, 2022, right on time for your New Years Resolution. Hit send.

Note: Six months down the line, do not despair if you have not achieved all of the goals. The key thing is that you did your absolute best, and you can always try again - that is the process of life. Do your best.

Lazy Mode

Go to this website and write your future self a short e-mail that starts with I hope you have色

Personal Application

Peer accountability - works. Not just for AA meetings. It is easier to go to the gym with a buddy. It is easier to complete a task if you promised to do it by a certain time to a colleague that you respect. It is easier to achieve things if you make others aware of your goals and ask them to hold you accountable.

This is a good time to explore your sources of motivation and to see if you can introduce both peer accountability or self-accountability & discipline to your life.

Professional Application

Just like people, an organization needs to change, grow, and achieve its goals. It helps for everyone to be well aware of what those goals are, and to strive towards achieving them.

Thus, if you are a CEO or a leader, you can send a similar letter to everyone in your organization, so that they can hold you accountable for your own promises and desires. As a bonus, you can also set up accountability partner pairs within your organization.


The Meetup - Saturday Morning

As always, we will meet this Saturday Morning, but the NEXT meeting time will be changed, keep an eye out for the Telegram group. If you want to join - apply here. It is currently in invite-only mode.

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