🪑 Action #0009 - Finding Wisdom Within

Change is good, for all life is change.

Do not be alarmed at the new name of the newsletter. My branding philosophy states that a good name must reflect the activity, and #WeeklyAction seems just about the right kind of name for what we are up to here.

Also, many of you requested easier actions & slightly shorter newsletters, so lo and behold - not only are we now going to have easier actions once in a while, but I have also created a modified version of each action that shall be known as “The 🐨 Lazy Mode”. Hope you like the name.

Onwards and upwards! P.S. Join us at Clubhouse on Friday.

⚡ The Action

Sit in place until you come up with a thought worth sharing. Share it.

🐨 Lazy Mode

Just watch the movie from where this action is taken: Peaceful Warrior (2006)

🤔 The Why

There is a huge difference between the concepts of “knowledge” and “wisdom”. Knowledge is information that can easily be transferred and taught. Wisdom, on the other hand - can only come from within.

Wisdom is when something “clicks” inside, and you have a revelation. It is when something that previously seemed to be a puzzle, is now obvious. Wisdom is life-changing, as when you gain it, your actions change with it.

We are all too focused on chasing knowledge by attending courses, reading books, and cramming ourselves with data. Well, there are tools out there that can help you gain wisdom too, and I believe just sitting in a place until you find some - is definitely one of them.

🧐 The How - Full Version

  1. Find a quiet place and give yourself plenty of time, as you never know how long this might take.

  2. Sit down and simply observe your thoughts, with the intent of finding a nugget of wisdom. Do not settle for the first one that comes to mind, look for that diamond piece of wisdom that will help you the most with your life in this given moment of time.

  3. Share your wisdom with us by commenting on newsletter #0009 on the website.

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💖 Personal Application

This little exercise is a great starting point towards learning to look for answers within, for those answers are usually much more powerful than those of any book or guru.

💸 Professional Application

When faced with professional difficulties, we often start frantically running about, in search of a solution. Sometimes, the best place to find it is right where you are, by taking it easy and simply “giving it some thought”.

📚 Resources & Bibliography

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Movie: Peaceful Warrior
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💕 Clubhouse Meetup

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