❣️ Action #0007 - Life Problems & Their Solutions

Problems & Solutions

If you are like me, then if someone will come up to you with a problem - you will be able to generate a reasonable solution in seconds, or at least find a moment to comfort the person.

So, it follows, that if we can easily help others, then we should also be able to do the same for ourselves. My gut feeling is that we simply do not find the time or the process to do so.

Hence, the action for this week: identifying and diagnosing your life problems.

⚡The Action

List 30 of your life problems, diagnose them & propose solutions.

🤔The Why

If you don’t know what needs fixing, you are destined to fix that which was never broken in the first place.

🧐The How

  1. Take a pen and a piece of paper, and write down thirty “life problems”. Don’t overthink this and simply record what first comes to mind. The problems can be as simple as: “being tired at 19:00” or as deep as “my relationship with my mother is strained.”

  2. Then, you need to diagnose the problems. For a valid diagnosis, you need to arrive at an adjective directed at yourself such as “forgetful, procrastinator, lazy”. Proxy-diagnosis can be a verb, but it is less powerful, for example: do not check, do not remember, etc.

  3. Finally, write down as many solutions to your problems as you can. Make them actionable and realistic. When I did this exercise, I arrived at 101 solutions. To date, I have implemented 33 of them, which has already completely transformed my life.

    Some examples of the solutions from my list:

    • Make my life goals explicit and share them with my loved ones.

    • Start a newsletter on the topic of taking action.

    • Start a daily journal and don’t skip a day.

💖Personal Application

Following this process has entirely transformed my life. Making my problems, diagnoses, and solutions explicit not only helped me to start making better life decisions, but it put my subconsciousness to work.

Some of the proposed solutions, I have added to my to-do list, but the majority of them - I did not. Surprisingly, when I opened up the list three months after having done the exercise, I have already completed a large portion of them - without having thought about them actively.

We have discussed how this works from the scientific point of view in the action on creating your goals menu.

💸Professional Application

My hope is that as time passes, more and more of you will see that there is no real division between personal and your so-called “work-life”. My theory is that whatever you do in your personal life will most likely be reflected in your professional endeavors.

Therefore, if you solve a majority of your personal problems, I am certain that a large portion of your professional issues will vanish just as well.

📚Resources & Bibliography

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