⚽ Action #0004

So you probably thought that this is always going to be pure philosophy, and actions tailored for your mind.

Sorry to disappoint, but there is so much more to being human. For one, we also need to pay close attention to our bodies. This is the goal for this coming week.

Interestingly, a lot of ancient practices also invoke “body-work” only after they have dealt with the mind.

⚡The Action

Do seven minutes of “deliberately attentive” sports every single day, for seven days.

🤔The Why

If one wants to become a world-class athlete in any sport, then there will come a time when simply practicing the selected activity will not be enough to continue getting better. You will hit a wall.

To push through, you will also need to improve your psychological mindset, get a team of mentors and coaches, perfect your sleep patterns, and so much more.

Although often overlooked, the same is true if your goal is to become good in any other field, be it cooking or running companies.

There will come a time when you will need to take care of your body, as that will be the bottleneck.

This is a wake-up call, not to start acting only when you hit the aforementioned wall, but to start doing it now.

🧐The How

  1. Do the seven minutes of exercise daily. You can either do your own, follow this YouTube video, or join me on the Seven App (@dsarle).

  2. To make things interesting - while you do the exercise - try to pay intense attention to your body. Close your eyes, and focus on which parts of the body are tingling, sore, stretching, etc. Learn more about your body through this practice.

💖Personal Application

I assume that we are well aware that doing sports is good for you. According to Dr David. A. Sinclair (Lifespan), those who exercise more often - have larger telomeres, increased NAD levels, more oxygen-carrying capillaries in muscles, and so much more.

One thing that I feel is a little overlooked is the emotional battle for exercise. If you are like me, it takes effort to start doing sports, even after 332 days of nearly consecutive workouts. This tiny daily battle, helps you practice for so many other personal challenges such as addiction, self-motivation, and procrastination.

💸Work Application

All of the above holds true for your work efforts. The added energy makes sure you have the mental concentration to work better, and longer. Less stress, more creativity, better concentration. You name it. It really is the holy grail (that, and sleep).

If I were you, and we will discuss this in the future, I would try to realize that what one sees as “non-work” related activities such as sports and holidays - are actually a part of your work just as much as having meetings is.

📚Resources & Bibliography

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💪I am An Overachiever

If you are already doing sports daily, then please add an extra set of seven minutes to your daily routine. If you are already doing seven-minute workouts, then make it fourteen for this week.

Dmitri Sarle