🤝 Action #0002

Last week, we have worked on our values. We tried to squeeze into a single week, a task that can take decades, and sometimes - a lifetime.

If you did it well, then you are in need of a break. No, I am not talking about watching Netflix or playing computer games, although there will be a time for that too.

What you need now, is a moment in which your new thoughts would have the space to settle, so that you can start applying them subconsciously. This week, I invite you to have a much simpler, but not a less significant action:

⚡The Action

Have a 1.5-hour uninterrupted meeting with yourself.

🤔The Why

Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans. - Allen Saunders (Not John Lennon)

Meetings. Zoom Calls. Bitcoins. Conferences. Deals. Seminars. Workshops. Welcome to the “rat-race”.

Many of us spend our lives in a constant state of rush, chasing some ethereal concept of happiness. When we are not doing that, we prepare and train for it.

Philosophically, this makes it nearly impossible to realize that you don’t actually need to get anywhere to experience it. Practically, to get somewhere - sometimes you need to stop and think.

🧐The How

Block out an hour and a half. Make sure you will not be disturbed. Yes, you have to hide your phone, you can do it!

Give yourself the freedom to be with yourself in any style you wish, but it can not be a planned “activity”.

🕵️Extended Edition

For extended instructions, please check out this post.

💖Personal Application

If you look at many other blog posts that recommend having a scheduled meeting with yourself - they all seem to continue to promote the rat race. They claim that this will help you with productivity, efficiency, and all that.

It may be true, but I find that what is much more important is that doing this activity can help you to take a breather, to stop, and to give yourself a moment.

A moment, where you can be fully yourself, and that is perhaps the best place from which you can reflect and truly feel what you need to be doing next.

💸Work Application

In his post on how he makes decisions, Barack Obama gives a lot of weight to relaxation and to “building in time to let your thought marinate”.

The process of giving yourself this uninterrupted “me” time, can help you find answers to business problems that have been clawing at you for days, weeks, or perhaps even months.

📚Resources & Bibliography

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Dmitri Sarle