Action #0000 - My Life Update

Sharing my personal goals and asking for help.

Dear Friend,

It has been 31 weeks since I started #WeeklyAction. Every open, every click, every comment - gave me the energy to keep going and I would like to share my journey with you.

As long as at least one of you continues to receive value, I will continue making the newsletter, but for the next six months, I have decided to set a singular goal: 1 000 subscribers within one month & 3 000 by January, and for that - I need your help.

⚡ The Ask

One of you (Thanks, Mo), asked me if I have a referral program, so he can track which of his friends had joined this newsletter. This intrigued me, so I built one.

If you find any value at all in the newsletter, I hope you will be willing to share it with those who you think might benefit as well. Click below to get your personal invitation link.

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Hopefully, you will spread the news just out of love, but for fun and giggles, I added some rewards, including my very own Playstation 4.

💖Life Update

In Action #0015, I suggested writing and sharing a life update with your close network. Today, my close network is you, so here goes.

Key Events Since April 14th: 

  • Participated in the Relationship II course under Institute For The Study Of Man and Cocoon.

  • Participated in Wing Tchun Martial Arts Camp, hurt my finger while playing basketball on a break.

  • Studied and passed an exam for my ICC certification (Sailing).

  • Made a lot of changes to our home, and built my home studio.

  • Got accepted into Accelerate Estonia.

  • Started giving paid talks & workshops again.

Key Learnings & Insights Since April 14th:

  • If you can’t choose which idea to start with (entrepreneurship) or what to do (life), then you should ‘court’ the ideas, and explore them with full commitment for a period of time. This is why I am going to ‘court’ the newsletter concept for the next six months.

  • Should you generate a thought/idea that excites you, act upon it without delay, for the energy for it will only decrease with the passage of time.

  • Your biggest weakness is most likely your biggest strength.

  • If you want things to change, you have to make PHYSICAL changes to your life and your routine.

  • Once you have chosen a path, stick to it for a pre-determined amount of time.

Life Purpose & Values: 

  • Help people find meaning and full expression in life. (Personal)

  • Personal Values: Full Personal Responsibility, Action Is The Cure, Prescient Presence.

  • To express myself fully, in everything that I do.

Goals For The Quarter: 

  • 3 000 subscribers to the newsletter by January 7th, 2022.

  • Full commitment to the newsletter and content until January 7th, 2022.

Life Goals (Professional)

  • Be involved with 1000 companies (start, invest, have equity in). Currently: 8 (+4 indirectly).

Life Dreams (Personal)

  • Go around the world in a car.

  • Make a movie (script can be read here).

  • Write a book (The name is 'It Depends').

  • Live in a community of friends (Ideally somewhere warm).

  • Get 2000 ELO in Chess & Level 7 in Martial Arts (Wing Tchun).

  • Get RYA Yachtmaster Certification (Sailing).


  • Growing the newsletter to at least 1000 subscribers within one month.

  • Learning to focus on a singular task/idea/project.

  • Not having a team, as I am too used to running companies and teams.

  • Not enough traveling, and events.

What Do I Do?

If you have any questions, ideas, comments, thoughts, feelings - feel free to simply reply to this e-mail or to ask me directly in Telegram.


Dmitri Sarle