🌸 Action #0037 - Missed Me?

What to do when you take the wrong turn.

If you have a keen eye, you would have noticed that there was no #weeklyaction last week. So there I was, thinking about, making lists and notes, writing for 36 weeks in a row. That is 252 days of constantly thinking about #weeklyaction. Then suddenly - nothing.

Was it because there was some difficult, traumatic, or otherwise an excusable reason for it? Nope. Just slipped my mind.

People say it takes “30”, “40”, “90”, whatever many days to form a habit. Well, it takes a second to break one, and frankly, even after doing the seven-minute workout non-stop for a year - it still did not become an ‘easy to do habit’. It was never easy. Not once.

Yet, I persevered and did it the day my child was born, did it the day I spent 24 hours without sleep, did it the day I carried all of our furniture and belongings to several cars and moved to another country. When did I slip? On a normal day, that had absolutely nothing peculiar about it, and the one directly after it. Two days, and it took me over a month to get back to it, and getting back was just as hard as starting the first time.

What was worse is that in that one month - everything else starting to follow. During that time, I did less journaling, missed my monthly goals check-in, did not do my weekly reviews as often, et cetera (it feels nice to write ‘etc’ in full, I don’t know why, but give it a go).

When you take one wrong turn, you are very likely to take another, and the only thing you can really do is to break the cycle with your sheer willpower and strength. The good news is if it takes one bad turn to spiral your life out of control, then likewise, it only takes one single good turn to start a positive cycle.

So, this week is dedicated to getting back on track. For me, and for you, because you have read so far. Those who have not will miss out on this benefit. This is the day when you will get back on track, and if you are already on it, you will accelerate.

⚡ The Action

Pick a good habit that you are not currently doing (it can be anything), and commit to doing it consistently forever. Yapp, not one day, not a week. Forever.

P.S. If you break a habit for one day, you might survive it, but never, ever under no circumstances break a habit two days in a row.

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🧐 The Support

If you need an accountability partner, and someone to check on you - I will be that person. Simply reply to this e-mail or hit me up on Telegram. You can also use the Telegram group for this, by announcing your commitment publicly to the group.

💡 Insight Of The Week - Freedom vs Liberty

This week I was listening to “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari”, and the book discussed the difference between “Liberty” and “Freedom”.

Liberty is when you are a free actor in the world, and you can do that, which you please. Freedom is when you have fought for freedom from your own self, and when you have won the battle to do that which you truly want and when you have the personal willpower to stop yourself from doing things you truly do not desire to do.

📱 The Meetup - Wednesday - 4 PM GMT +3

I would like to do a meetup again, as we have not seen each other in a while. If you are interested - let me know.

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