Action #0033

On removing life-limitations.

No man was ever wise by chance. - Seneca

Welcome to the Action #0033. We must go towards our fears, we must be lovingly honest (as opposed to brutally honest), and we must look ourselves in the mirror.

This week, I am mentoring in a startup self-development camp in South Estonia, and I have been re-discovering the power of nature, as a natural guide. As I listened to the river rush by, this particular action came to mind.

The Action

List three beliefs that you have about yourself that are preventing you from achieving your dreams and desires. Ask yourself three questions. Write down three solutions.

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The Why

Look, if you want things to change, YOU have to change. If you will change, everything will change for you. - Jim Rohn

You are your greatest teacher, guide, mentor. More importantly, only you have the power to make yourself be successful. Only you can wake up one day and decide: today I will do things differently. Sure, life will still challenge you, but there is no better way to change than to decide to change.

So why go to the intermediaries and not work with yourself directly? You know your life challenges, and perhaps surprisingly to some - you also know all the solutions.

The How - Full Version

  1. Write down three beliefs about yourself that you feel are limiting you in your life.

    For example, they could be things like: I am too arrogant, I am a severe procrastinator, I never finish things.

  2. Write the answers to three questions for each limiting belief: Is this belief real or made-up? What would happen if I removed this belief? What is the root cause of this belief?

  3. Write down three solutions to each belief. These can be actions that you should take, books you should read, people you should talk to, activities you should stop doing. Then do those actions.

Lazy Mode

Write down one belief about yourself that you feel limits you in your life. Think about and write down one solution to overcome this belief.

Personal Application

This exercise works best if you share it with a friend or a partner, and especially if both of you have completed it. Then you can hold each other accountable for the process.

Professional Application

If you are running a business or working in one, it is important to listen to the pulse of the organization and to constantly know what are the limiting factors for growth, success, profitability. There are no businesses that have none.

Therefore, you could repeat the same exercise to identify the three most limiting factors to company growth, and then discuss them with your team.


The Meetup - Pause For A Week

This week, I will not have access to the internet at our normal time, so I hope to see you at the next meetup.

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