✒️ Action #0032 - Write A Real Letter

On how to improve and deepen your relationships.

Humans long for connection, and during the [censored] (I am so tired of writing the word pandemic, I had to censor it, but I could not be sure you would guess the right word without revealing it in the brackets), it has become an even more important part of who we are.

Thus, I suggest we practice the skills of building meaningful relationships with this #weeklyaction.

⚡ The Action

Pick a friend, and write them a real, physical, hand-written letter, and send it by post with stamps and all.

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🤔 The Why

In the digital world of today, it is crucially important to take a step back and to ask yourself the question: “Which part of all this is even real?”

So instead of sending a text, or an e-mail let’s do something “new” for a change.

🧐 The How - Full Version

  1. Pick a friend, whether a close one or a distant one, and craft a hand-written letter.

  2. As for content, consider opening up and sharing things that you previously have not. The key point is to NOT STOP writing until you are completely out of ideas. Err on the long side.

  3. Post the letter using a normal postal service, and sit back to see the results.

Bonus points:

  • Should you find yourself so enticed by the task, do give careful consideration to the type of writing style that might suit it best. Perhaps one could consider giving ‘Victorian English’ a go.

  • If your handwriting is as poor as was mine - you could consider taking a hand-writing course. It helped me to radically improve.

  • Decorate and pamper your letter with perfume and expensive paper.

  • Use a fountain pen for this purpose, as it gives you a much more tangible experience.

🐨 Lazy Mode

Send 1-3 friends a handwritten postcard, without waiting for any particular occasion.

💖 Personal Application

This is a chance to go deeper than we normally do. The change of medium also affects our style and gives space for long-form sharing that is deeper, more honest, and profound. Since there are no limitations, you can fully express your feelings and thoughts, and do so in extensive detail. This allows one to learn to open up and to express one’s being accurately and understandably for others.

Moreover, the act of writing hand-written notes is memorable, touching, and can make you happier (study).

💸 Professional Application

Consider finding the right moment to do so in the business environment. This could be a hand-written letter to a customer, a business partner, a supplier, an investor, or perhaps a journalist.

It will definitely stand out and help you build a more meaningful relationship. Give it a go and let me know how it went.


📱 The Meetup - Sunday The 15th

The meetup will take place next Wednesday at 12:00 EEST. If you would like to participate - let me know.

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