🧠 Action #0031 - The Key To Life

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How do you win the game of life? Let me attempt to summarize centuries of study and tens of thousands of books in one sentence along with a simple action to take, to get you to experience it firsthand.

Here goes.

To win the game of life, you must develop your own, unique, and personal philosophy of life.

Let’s start.

⚡ The Action

Choose 2-3 mental models to add to the toolbox of your personal philosophy, and practice them by making them your own.

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🤔 The Why

How does anyone become the best at their craft? Usually by first learning the basics, then by copying the masters, and finally by coming up with their own methods, thoughts, and techniques.

Self-development is the same. You can’t just read books by the great thinkers of our civilization, and copy everything they said. If you are to grow, you must come up with your OWN philosophy, and your OWN way of looking at life, that works specifically for you. Why? Because everyone is absolutely and utterly unique and no other philosophy will ever fully work for you.

Let’s practice this art form by taking a look at a few mental models for your personal philosophy collection.

🧐 The How - Full Version

Your personal philosophy consists of many parts, such as goals, values, principles, beliefs, axioms, and mental models. Let’s explore the process by taking a look at the latter.

  1. Take a look at the list of mental models that can be found here.

  2. Identify 2-3 that got your attention.

  3. Add them to your personal philosophy toolbox by creating a modified version. For example, you could use this formula: “My personal philosophy is to use [X MENTAL MODEL] when [ Y SITUATION ] comes up, by doing [ Z PROCESS]”

Here is my example:

My personal philosophy is to use First Principles Thinking when coming up with new business ideas, by doing a "Why Wasn’t This Done Before?” analysis for at least one working day.

🐨 Lazy Mode

Check out the mental models presented here, and pick one that you would like to become better at.

💖 Personal Application

We are all creators. Every single day, you have ideas that nobody else has ever had in exactly the same way as you. Every single day, you take action that nobody has ever taken. Every single day - you are the most unique human being on the planet.

It is this uniqueness that makes you - ‘YOU’. Thereby, if you start practicing to express this uniqueness by always thinking about what you can personally add to whatever it is that you are experiencing - your life will unfold in new and beautiful ways.

💸 Professional Application

Understanding mental models are key to running a successful business. Just read the examples from SpaceX in this article on First Principles Thinking. Beyond that, your business must also develop its own unique personal philosophy and a set of values.

How are you ever going to outcompete the market if you do everything exactly the same as the rest of the market? It is your unique approach that will make you a winner. Copy-cats can only get so far.


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