🛀 Action #0030 - The Cold Treatment

You are not ready.

Enough with the thinking. Enough with the writing. Enough with the talking. There are times in life when you must do hardcore, physical, and often - difficult actions.

In fact, as we have discussed in #Action 0025 - all real change starts with physical change. Let’s do this!

⚡ The Action

Every day, for at least a week, take an ice-cold shower for at least 30 seconds.

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🤔 The Why

Let’s take care of the science - first. Cold showers increase your alertness, that is to say - they shock you back into life and activity. People taking cold showers are 29% less likely to call in sick. Cold showers make you ‘happier’ by activating the sympathetic nervous system and increasing the availability of norepinephrine and endorphins. Cold showers train you to handle stress better and increase your willpower for the day.

Source: Several Scientific Articles Listed Here & Crazy Ice Loving Dude

On a whole other level - if one has the desire to grow as a person, one must have the desire to go into the unknown, difficult, and predictably uncomfortable situations. You will never change if you only do that which is comfortable. A cold shower is a good, safe and reliable place to start.

🧐 The How - Full Version

The science shows that duration has little influence on results, and that one does not need to specifically take a cold shower from the beginning. Thus, there are a few methods to try out:

Method A - Dessert First: Start with a nice warm shower, do your business (wash, sing songs, talk to yourself, you know - all the crazy things you don’t feel comfortable doing anywhere else), and right before you are done - switch to the coldest possible setting and endure for 30 seconds or more. This is what I do.

Method B - Dessert Last: Start with an ice-cold shock-inducing shower for 30 seconds and gradually change it to a nice warm temperature. This is hardcore.

Method C - Dessert All The Time: Some people prefer to do the intermittent method. That is to say - you go from hot to cold throughout the shower, changing it back and forth every 30 seconds or a minute. This is what my wife does, and that’s why she has infinite strength to deal with any possible difficulty at any random moment in time.

🐨 Lazy Mode - “The Scared Chicken Edition”

This week’s mode, would be more aptly named: “The Scared Chicken Edition”, but don’t worry - everyone starts somewhere, and when it comes to cold showers, I was too, a scared chicken at some point.

Start with a two-three second burst of cold water. As you gain experience, try to gradually increase the time to 30 seconds.

💖 Personal Application

If you are having difficulties in life - be it depression, challenging relationships, self-motivation, or something else entirely - very often you would focus on solving them, right? Books, seminars, talks on the matter - etc.

However, sometimes the key to solving your most difficult dilemma has nothing to do with the dilemma itself, and no amount of thinking about it will make a tiny bit of difference.

Then comes a time to try new things, especially from the physical realm - changing your diet, starting to work out, or - beginning the cold shower routine.

The solution is not always hidden where the problem lies. Look around.

💸 Professional Application

Often, entirely overlooked, but the health status of your employees, and colleagues is one of the most important aspects of running a successful business.

If everyone gets sick all the time - it can’t possibly be a good working environment, nor a productive one.

Guiding others to join you in a healthy lifestyle will do miracles to your bottom line. Why not start the “Cold Shower Challenge” or go for a joint physical activity with your team this week?


📱 The Meetup - Monday The 2nd

The meetup will take place next Monday at 19:00 EEST. If you would like to participate - let me know.

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