👘 Action #0025 - Make A Physical Change

Let's change things up.

Change. If you are not changing something about yourself - you are not growing, and not unlocking your full potential. This change does not have to be big, so let’s start tiny.

P.S. It has been brought to my attention that some readers are not sure where to start if they have just joined. If you are one of them - do not worry - you don’t have to start all the way back at Action #0001. Just join us at the latest action and do the other ones when it feels right.

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⚡ The Action

Change something about your physical appearance: haircut, clothing, colors, accessories, posture, etc.

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🤔 The Why

Personal growth can be scary, as much of it seems to suggest that in order to grow one must make insurmountable actions: exploring the depths of the relationships you have with your parents, psychoanalysis of your childhood, leaving your current profession, etc.

It does not have to be so, as any major change can start with something as tiny as changing your hairstyle. This small, minuscule, microscopic change can easily affect how you act, think, and most importantly - what you believe to be true about yourself.

Let’s start small, but let’s make a change.

🧐 The How - Full Version

This week, your goal is to change something PHYSICAL about yourself, as all real change starts in the physical world of action, and not simply inside your mind.

Some suggestions:

  • Remove something. Often an element of appearance is an attempt to hide our true selves. If you have something like that - remove it.

  • Change your hairstyle. This is obviously a popular one.

  • Add/remove color to your wardrobe (I am always surprised how identical everyone is in the Nordic parts of the world).

  • Add a new accessory that you have never worn before (armbands, bracelets). But only if they reveal your true identity, and not hide it.

  • Grow (if possible) a beard or get rid of one (I am definitely NOT doing this one, as I have attempted it a year ago with extremely mediocre results. These images will never see the light of day).

  • Work on your posture (sometimes you need to get professional therapeutic assistance to get your posture straight).

  • Change up, or add makeup.

  • Add more effort to how you look, and to your hygiene process.

The most important thing is that the change your make must reveal MORE about who the real you is, and not add another LAYER upon the fake mask that you want to show to the world.

🐨 Lazy Mode

Make a small change in your appearance, and don’t give it a second thought.

💖 Personal Application

Very often, when we have a personal relationship with someone and realize that our partner is in a rut, or stopped looking after themselves - we try to help and encourage them by pointing it out daily or get angry and upset about it and demand change.

The truth is, that our feelings simply speak of our own disappointment with ourselves. They are telling us that it is US that must change.

Therefore, making an effort to change your appearance - will also change how you see the world, and might help others around you to also make a change for the better.

💸 Professional Application

In the business world - the physical aspects of work are often overlooked. We once moved offices, and somehow in the new (much bigger and nicer) office - the work just stopped.

It took me a long time to figure out that it was all about the layout and the physical appearance of the office. It matters and can have a devastating effect on your business.

So, you could also make changes to your office, and to make sure that people at your workplace feel comfortable there, by observing the dynamics. The same goes for your home office.


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