🔮 Action #0023 - Predicting The Future

Stop living only in the present.

This week was fascinating. Spent four days getting punched in the face in a martial arts camp (but you should see the other guys), and although the experience of an elbow arriving smack in the middle of your nose in slow-motion is unforgettable and makes you feel very much in the present moment - today, I want to talk about the future.

We all want (or dread) to know what the price of BTC will be next week, or what will be the next major Earth event that we should all brace ourselves for. Yet, we are now often asked to live fully in the present, and although I agree, I feel it is just as important to practice the skill of predicting the future.

P.S. Some of my personal insights will be shared as a separate blog post. Keep on the lookout, I will share them in Telegram.

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⚡ The Action

Look into the future and predict the world in the next ten years. List what that means you must do now. Bonus: Share your predictions in our Telegram group.

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🤔 The Why

Being present in the moment is perhaps one of the most important skills to master. It makes one feel alive, and in control of one’s destiny. However, just as Paul Atreides was able to do in a must-read novel - “Dune” - one should be able to stay in the present while seeing all the possible futures.

This allows you to not be a flake, surfing on the winds of the unknown, but to be a master of flow, and to adjust your life to what might be coming. For the extra skilled, it opens the path to actually dream of the future, and then to go out into the world and create it.

🧐 The How - Full Version

  1. Get inspired by what might be coming in the future. My recommendation: The Future Timeline

  2. Make at least ten personal predictions of the future that might arrive in ten years. Think in categories: technology, politics, professions, gadgets, education, etc.

  3. Write down how you should adjust your life in order to prepare for the future that is coming, or which parts of the ideas you wrote down - you are willing to work on.

    Bonus: Share your predictions in our Telegram Group.

🐨 Lazy Mode

Write down two major trends that you see in the world, that may affect your life. Write down one action you are going to take, in order to prepare.

💸 Professional Application

Businesses live and die, based on their ability to foresee the future. The one thing that I think sets apart those that thrive on this concept is the fact that they are not simply trying to predict it, but are trying to create it. Specifically, to create it faster than it would normally arrive.

One of my good friends, Doug Castro, the CEO of Neural DSP (My portfolio company), once told me that he occasionally gets his whole team together, in order to predict what the future of music will be like in 20 years. Then he goes and tells them to do it in two. The results of Neural DSP speak for themselves.

💖 Personal Application

Being present is important, but if you truly want to play with the world - it is important to learn to not just predict one single future, but to see the chain of possibilities, so as to be ready for a multitude of options. Hedging your life-bets, so to speak.

Too many of us are completely enthralled by the future, and too many of us live entirely in the past. The trick is to live in the present moment, but to be aware of the future and the past, the way you are aware of what is happening in your peripheral vision.


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