💰 Action #0022 - On The Topic Of Money

This week, you will be making a contract with yourself.

After 21 weeks without really touching the topic of money, it has come to my attention that the time has come. Let’s talk about money.

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⚡ The Action

Make a “financial promise & freedom contract” with yourself. Template attached.

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🤔 The Why

We have built a society centered around money. In case you have forgotten or somehow did not realize - money on its own - means absolutely nothing. It is either a bit of paper, a tiny round (or square, and occasionally triangular) piece of metal, or a few numbers in your bank account. In of itself - it has no value. It matters not.

What does matter, is what you plan to do with it, the energy stored in the exchange of money, and your reasons for wanting to have some (or a lot) of it.

If you have the right relationship with your reasons for wanting money, then money will follow. Hint: “I want a million dollars, so I don’t have to work ever again” - is not a good reason, and as such - people who think so, rarely get a million dollars.

Good reasons can be Personal (Respect, Inner Feelings, Joy), Societal (Family, Friends, Investments, Taxes, Education), and Practical (Books, Travel, Gifts, Items). There are also higher-level reasons, but let’s leave those for another day.

If you build a good list of reasons, your contract with yourself will be all that much more powerful.

🧐 The How - Full Version

  1. Read the contract template that you can find here.

  2. Copy it, and modify it to your liking.

  3. Print it out, date it, sign it. (Extra points for getting a witness)


🐨 Lazy Mode

Write down how much monthly income you would like to have by January 1st, 2022. Think of the reasons why you would need such an amount, and how you will put it to use.

💸 Professional Application

When it comes to running companies - we inherently focus on the money. The revenues, the profits, the KPI’s. However, what I found is that often - that makes us take the long way towards actually making any.

What if instead, similarly to the personal application - you would focus on WHY you want to increase your revenue? Good examples:

  • To help as many people as possible to learn a skill.

  • To help over 1 000 000 people raise more successful children.

  • To enable professionals to have more free time.

Instead of focusing on the revenue, focus on how much VALUE you can bring to a certain group of customers, and find unique KPIs to measure this value. Then watch the money flow.

💖 Personal Application

Professional poker players know, that the moment they start treating money as something “valuable” - they lose. Emotions take over, and reason goes out of the window. I know, I used to be one.

Similarly, if you stop focusing so much on the money - and instead simply focus on the value you can create, and the reasons/goals that you have in your life - money will appear.

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