🙋 Action #0020 - Who Are You?

So, who are you anyway?

⚡ The Action

Write a journal entry/post, answering the question: “Who Am I?” in as much detail as possible. Go deep.

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🤔 The Why

Whatever route towards self-growth you take, be it through the ancient philosophers of Greece, the Western scientists, or the eastern Zen monks - you will eventually come to a point, where they will ask you the question: “Who Are You?”

To find yourself, think for yourself. - Socrates

The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are. -Carl Jung

What the superior man seeks is in himself; what the small man seeks is in others. - Confucius

As a rule, none of them wants you to tell them their name, your country of origin, or your profession. They all think that there is a lot more to you than that. I agree.

Most of the things you identify as “you” are acquired, forced upon you, or internally imagined. They are layers upon layers of identities, and beliefs. Like the skins of an onion.

What we want to know is - what is hidden at the very core. What makes you, truly “you”?

Discovering this can be the greatest source of power and motivation you will ever find.

🧐 The How - Full Version

What your parents told you about you - is acquired. The profession you studied - is but a mere choice you could recant tomorrow. The sport you identify with could lose its appeal for you within the next year.

Philosopher, entrepreneur, martial artist, husband, parent, chess player, gamer, blogger, writer, film-maker, dancer, mentor, badminton player, baker, pool player. None of these are ‘me’. They are but layers upon my core.

So, let’s look for something deeper.

  1. Open up your journal (physical or digital).

  2. Write out the answer to the question of “Who Am I?” without identifying with locations, professions, hobbies, people, ideas. Who are you really?

  3. Aim to keep writing until you can’t think of anything else to add.

Upon completion, try to summarize what you have written into a single sentence. It may be helpful to re-read Action #0003.


🐨 Lazy Mode

Sit around doing nothing, for 15 minutes, and try to think about the question: “Who Am I”?

💸 Professional Application

Great companies have a phenomenal ‘core’. That is to say, they are very aware of their company values, mission, vision, and purpose. They know what they are good at, and the areas they can improve on.

The way to achieve that is the same as for you as an individual - to reflect on the nature of the existence of your company. To ask the difficult questions about why it exists, and to make the answers - part of your company culture.

💖 Personal Application

Without spoiling the possible results of the exercise, I will simply state that going deep within with the question: “Who Am I?” is an everlasting journey that keeps on giving answers to a lot of other questions as you journey on.

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