👪 Action #0015 - Using Your Network

On keeping you accountable to your own promises

Now that you have your life values, goals, and know how to deal with most of your problems - it is time to execute.

It sounds easy, but the reality is that most of us are stuck in our routines - no matter what. The good news is that making sure you are accountable to a group of people has been shown to be a very effective tool.

Not to worry, you do not need to join “something-something anonymous”. All you need to do is to send out one single e-mail. That’s it.

⚡ The Action

Send a personal life status e-mail, complete with goals and challenges to your inner circle of family and friends.

🤔 The Why

Sharing our goals with others has been linked to a higher probability that you will complete them. Especially if “others” include someone you deem to be more successful than yourself.

🧐 The How - Full Version

  1. Make an e-mail list of your “inner circle”. This can include your friends, relatives, a co-worker, someone more successful, an acquaintance. Feel free to include me in the list (dima@dsarle.com), as I will be glad to learn more about you and to see if I can help and offer support with your goals.

  2. Craft a personal update e-mail that includes:

    • Life update: key events & short summary.

    • Your personal & professional objectives (both short-term and long-term).

    • Challenges - things you have problems with but are planning to tackle.

    • Action points - what can your inner circle do to help you on your path.

  3. Send it out. I am considering doing this quarterly, but let’s start with just one.

(P.S. If you like this task, feel free to let them know about the newsletter too, as this will help me with my personal goal of reaching 1 000 subscribers)

🐨 Lazy Mode

Pick two life goals. One personal, one professional. Use Messenger/Telegram/Whatsapp to send the goals to at least three people.

It could begin as follows: “Just wanted to let you know my current goals: [insert goals here]. This will help me be more accountable.

💖 Personal Application

One - it makes you accountable. If you share your plans for the future with a number of people - you are more likely to follow through.

Two - it makes you open to being helped. Many people are afraid to ask for help, and support as they think this might make them “weak”. Not true. Many successful entrepreneurs ask for help proactively.

Three - it helps you reconnect to your inner circle. We are social animals, and while Facebook updates used to give us a sense of connection - that time is gone. Sending a personal e-mail update can help you re-connect with your friends and family.

💸 Professional Application

You can apply the same approach in the business, by sharing your professional goals and aspirations, as well as problems with your colleagues on a quarterly or monthly basis. This helps tremendously with communication and team-building.

If you are a startup founder, then please consider doing this with your investors, as keeping them updated can be a life-saver. The whole idea for this #action actually came from doing research into investor updates, and this twitter chain.

📚 Resources & Bibliography

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The last few times, we had a blast in the #weeklyaction meetup. This time, let’s experiment with the timing. Please join me and other subscribers this Friday at 15:15 GMT +2, on Google Meet.

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