⚱️ Action #0014 - On Death & Purpose

On living the life you deserve

Every once in a while, we need a jolt to help us get back on our path or perhaps to accelerate ourselves upon it. It is my hope that this #weeklyaction will act as such a jolt.

With some luck, it will even do for you, what it did for me: to actually figure out what my life path might look like and what actions I must take in order to get on it.

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⚡ The Action

Write two versions of your own obituary. One, where you follow your dreams. The other - where you do not.

🤔 The Why

Two years ago, I sat down to do this very exercise. Since then, I have re-shaped my career, got married, had a son, moved countries, started startup investing and mentoring, finished a movie script, started this newsletter, exercised every day for over a year, quit a lot of addictions, started journaling daily, re-shaped my diet and much more.

Much of it was due to the effect this exercise had on me. When I did it, the path that I must take emerged naturally. All I had to do then was to follow it.

🧐 The How - Full Version

The goal is to write two versions of your own obituary. Do not take this as a morbid task. On the contrary - have fun with it, exaggerate, explore and celebrate your life, but keep it somewhat serious.

Start with the obituary that would be written about you, if you were to continue your life without any change. One where you would choose not to grow, or self-develop. One where your dreams and desires are secondary.

Upon completion, write an obituary for the version of you, in which you follow your dreams to the full, live out your deepest desires, where you are not stopped by fear, laziness, or some other inhibition that is in your full control.

Each obituary should include elements, such as:

  • Basic information: Name, age, place, and cause of death.

  • Relationships: Friends, family, quotes from them.

  • Career and life: What did you do? Your roles.

  • How will people remember you? What for?

  • What were your greatest achievements?

  • What did you contribute to?

If you would like to hear my two versions, come to the meeting on Friday, and let’s discuss this exercise in more detail together.

🐨 Lazy Mode

Write down a one-sentence obituary for your life, if you did not pursue all your dreams. Then write another one-sentence obituary for when you did. Pick one, and pursue it.

💖 Personal Application

This exercise was to an extent, a pivotal one for my own being. Not only did it show me the value of time, but it also helped me see my actions and choices more clearly.

After doing it, the choice was clear, and I feel that I started implementing my dreams with even greater ferocity than before.

It also helped me to begin to embrace the “Death Positive” movement thereby helping me to deal with the fear of death.

💸 Professional Application

Do the same exercise, but for your business.

Specifically, explore the factors that can potentially kill your company, and list them as possible “causes of death”.

Doing so can help you see the threats more clearly. Importantly, it will also give you an insight into what your A+ problems are and what changes you must make within your organization in order for it not to succumb to this fate.

📚 Resources & Bibliography

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