🔪 Action #0008 - Efficiency & Your Kitchen

This one might take you by surprise, but please, bear with me.

On this glorious day, I would kindly ask you to take a loving look at your kitchen, and then to take the rest of the week to make it the most efficient kitchen possible.

Really? Not some philosophical exercise such as figuring out your strengths and weaknesses? Not to meditate for an hour? To clean a kitchen?

Well, yes, and I think that this action can literally change your life, especially if you read the accompanying article, which I wrote diligently many years ago and was saving just for this moment.

⚡The Action

Make your kitchen as efficient as possible.

🤔The Why

Sometimes, when we want to lead a better life - we do not know where to start. My theory is, that it does not matter, as long as you try to make some part of your life just a little bit better. So, why not a kitchen?

In fact, I will argue that your kitchen might be one of the best places for this activity.

Why? Because making one thing better in your life, will inevitably cause you to make other things better, and that will improve some more things. See, what I did there? It’s a cascade.

If you try to make your kitchen as efficient as possible, then you will have to make other parts of your house more efficient, and that will cause you to take a look at your finances, which might inspire you to read a new book, which might get you to pick up cooking as a hobby, which might cause you to go out more (whenever the pandemic is over, for now - please stay at home), and so it goes.

So, let’s get some amazing kitchen set-ups this week, and post them either in Discord or in comments to this e-mail. For a mind-blowingly long, but definitely awesome article on why I find this so important - go here.

🧐The How

The how for this one is a little bit up to you, but at the bare minimum - give this task a good four hours, and make sure you tackle the following:

  1. External looks of your kitchen.

  2. Every internal part of your kitchen.

  3. Find a place for each item in your kitchen.

  4. “Delete” all items that you do not use.

  5. Find a way to go beyond the first four.

Would be awesome to see before & after pictures from you. If I get five of them, I will do a video tour of my new kitchen.

🕵️Extended Edition

For extended philosophy, instructions and ideas, please check out this post.

💖Personal Application

How can this possibly affect your life? Well, quite directly. Think of the state your kitchen is in as a mirror for your overall approach in life.

If there are things hiding in the dark corners of your kitchen, what else are you putting away and hiding from the view of yourself and others? If there are organizational issues, such as unpaid invoices hiding inside a box of pasta, then you can get a hint as to what to work on next. You catch my drift.

💸Professional Application

If you can’t organize an efficient kitchen, then you can’t create a well-run business. It is as simple as that.

If your knives do not have a dedicated spot in your drawers, which elements of your business are loose and uncertain? If you do an audit of your kitchen efficiency once a year, how often do you actually do a proper top-view analysis of your organization?

It’s all a mirror, and one only needs to look, to see where to improve.

📚Resources & Bibliography

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💕Clubhouse Meetup

This week, I will host a meetup for this newsletter, to discuss your kitchens, struggles, ideas. Let’s all give it a go on Friday at 17:10 GMT +2. The event can be found here.

P.S. Still got a few Clubhouse invites. Please send me a message if you need one, and do find me there.

🧹 Housekeeping - Name Change & Feedback

After careful consideration, I have decided to rebrand the newsletter to WeeklyAction, mainly because, well, this is a weekly action newsletter. So don’t be surprised to see a different name next week.

Also, I am longing for feedback, as I would love to make this better for all of you - so please reach out to me if you have ideas, suggestions, requests, or ideas for an action you think I should cover.


Dmitri Sarle